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Issue 457


How to AI: Three approaches on deploying generative AI
Three approaches to deploying generative AI for brands and corporations.

Accordion Editing and Apple Picking: Early Generative-AI User Behaviors
User research shows the iterative and often complex ways users engage with AI tools for productivity.

The complexity of telling stories in UX
We tend to focus only on delivering products, overlooking a hidden skill: telling stories.

A Guide to Prototyping Automotive Interfaces
A look at tools and tactics for designing automotive systems.

Color for brand designers working with product teams
Why your brand colors aren’t working in digital spaces.


Design without limits with Figma Professional
Ready to design without constraints? Figma Professional offers unlimited projects, libraries, version history, and more—only with the Figma Pro plan. Learn more.

Tools and Resources

Democratizing Design with Figma’s Dylan Field (Video)
Dylan Field, founder and CEO of Figma, looks at the relationship between designers, developers, and AI.

AI Emojis
An open-source emoji generator.

Dark Themed Web Design Inspiration
The best hand-picked dark-themed websites on the internet.

Framing Effect: Why context affects decisions
How you present information shapes people’s perceptions (and decisions).

Remove Background: Privacy-First  (Figma plugin)
Remove background from images 100% privately.

11,876+ free icons, illustrations, and 3D assets.

UX Portfolio

Rishikesh Nighot
Rishikesh is a multidisciplinary product designer based in San Francisco.

Looking to find your next UX gig? Join my UX talent collective and check out the UX job board.

Last But Not Least

A game of shapes and strategies.

“The entire world is becoming more digital now. As we’re going through that transformation, the companies that are going to win are the ones that are best designed and have the best design practices.”
— Dylan Field

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