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Issue 455


Design for meaningful outcomes – a practical guide
Aim for quality outcomes, not just outputs to drive customer and business value.

How to NOT Be a Bad Design Manager
Practical tips and lessons learned from past mistakes to guide design managers in fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and support within their teams.

The psychology behind highly effective landing pages
Tips and insights to create landing pages that convert.

Uncover the Hidden Impact of Your UX Research
Your study could have lots of value hiding just out of sight. A short email can bring it to light.


Design in Figma, launch in Webflow
Turn your static designs into clean, production-ready code with the Figma to Webflow plugin. Learn how to copy and paste your Figma designs into Webflow to streamline your site build. The plugin translates Figma layers into their HTML and CSS equivalent — which is the code that Webflow generates when you visually design your site.

Top UX designers use data.
It takes more than great design skills to have a great design career. In Designlab’s new course, Data-Driven Design, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to collect and use product data – to design more effectively and be a better business partner to stakeholders in your org. Learn more.

Tools and Resources

Auto Interfaces
A collection of car interfaces.

Shader Gradient
Create beautiful, moving gradients on Figma, Framer, and as React component.

Redesigning Design Systems
A space to learn about and evolve design systems
A generative user interface system powered by AI.

UX Portfolio

Michael Wandelmaier
Michael is Head of Design Strategy & Craft at MetaLab.

Last But Not Least

Apple’s new Double Tap gesture will rule your gadgets
Double Tap is a novel piece of UX that lets the watch read a tap without you even touching the screen.

“What works good is better that what looks good, because what works good lasts.”
— Ray Eames

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