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Issue 45


So you want to be an IA?
Solid advice from Abbey Covert for those that want to be an information architect.

3 Ways to Design Happiness
Pamela Pavliscak says it’s possible to create happiness from design by being authentic, using data to make us feel smart, and creativity.

Designing with Science
How Facebook brought clarity to complexity to it’s customers through simple data visualization and textual explanation.

Stop Gratuitous UI Animation
UX designer Sohphie Paxton, says to stop over using animation for the sake of it and only use it to enhance the user experience.

Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort
Luke Wroblewski writes about how many mobile forms make use of dropdown menus for input when simpler or more appropriate controls would work better.

4 iOS Rules to Break
While they might be the norm in iOS apps, these 4 common iOS patterns have shown to cause usability problems in testing.

“No UI” Design’s Next Move: Fake UI
Interfaces lie to us and do things behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of. We might see a lot more placebo UI’s in the future that make it seem like we have control.

Brainstorming UX Design Strategies with Toy Bricks
Need to break the ice between teams or try to build better culture in your workplace? Try using LEGOs.

Tooling Up
How a new generation of prototyping tools at Google will help designers build better software.

Tools & Resources

How to Improve Your UI Design Workflow in Sketch
Great tips by Tom Kershaw, interaction designer at IDEO, to make your design workflow neat and organized so you can leave your energy to solving real problems.

Call to Idea
Design inspiration for various UI patterns.

Pixate Studio
The big news this week is that Google acquired Pixate and now Pixate Studio is free.

Google+: A case study on App Download Interstitials
Nearly 70% of visitors abandoned Google’s promotional interstitial. In other words, it’s a poor experience and you shouldn’t use it.


Enterprise UX 2015 Videos
Videos from the first Enterprise UX conference are now up. You can also find download the presentation, workshop decks, and sketch notes.

Discover new and inspiring design videos, including UX specific videos.

Rapid Prototyping with Framer
I created a video course for O’Reilly for anyone interested in learning how to quickly and easily create interactive prototypes with Framer. You can watch the first few videos for free!

UX Portfolios

Joshua Mauldin
Joshua Mauldin is a product designer living in Charlotte. His portfolio not only shows off his work but also his writings.

Last But Not Least

Spot the Unsubscribe!
Examples of digital douchebaggery – promotional emails that obscure the unsubscribe link.

“To create a memorable design, you need to start with a thought that’s worth remembering.”
— Thomas Manss

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