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Issue 445


Write more, design less (and better)
How writing reframes our knowledge and drives our decisions.

4 design principles I use every day to avoid bad UX and create products that work for everyone
Design principles that emerged after watching 100s of people struggle.

AI-Powered Tools for UX Research: Issues and Limitations
Be skeptical of the marketing claims being made by AI tools designed for UX researchers.

The UX Of Flight Searches: How We Challenged Industry Standards
The world’s top airlines have the same flight search pattern even thoughbooking the right flight remains frustrating and confusing.

Stop asking UX researchers to defend their sample size
3 reasons to trust your UXR and let them work in peace.


Config 2023: Dev Mode
While Figma’s Dev Mode offers new capabilities for developers, it’s still just one infinite canvas, and the same orginization and workflow. At Zeplin, we turn design delivery into a systematic process that unifies teams at scale. Try it for free today. Learn more

Tools and Resources

Free Faces
A curated collection of typefaces that are available under a variety of free licenses.

Whimsical AI: Text-to-flowchart
Translate ideas into flowcharts in seconds.

UX Portfolio

Adrian Zumbrunnen
Adrian is a designer working on the Human Interface Team at Apple.

Looking to find your next UX gig? Join my UX talent collective and check out the UX job board.

Last But Not Least

What Is the Threads Logo Supposed to Look Like?
The abstract logo of Instagram’s new Twitter rival has drawn comparisons to an ear, an ampersand and a piece of spaghetti.

“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”
— Shigeru Miyamoto