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Issue 440


Artificial Intelligence & Humanity
Relying on AI to help design more and design faster.

Designing A Better Design Handoff File In Figma
Practical tips to enhance the handoff process between design and development in product development.

Don’t skip over the “rough work”
Why exploration should always be a part of your design process, and how to make time for it.

Object-centric vs. Canvas-centric Image Editing
Advances in artificial intelligence have started a shift toward more object-centric workflows.

The Sunken Place is real in UX design
Design leaders often silence historically marginalized voices in the UX world in pursuit of their own career goals.


Don’t know where to start with user research? Try these templates
Want to see how leading organizations do usability testing or customer interviews? Dovetail’s new community has 100s of user-generated templates created by the best in the biz. Get started free today.

Tools and Resources

The Index
A curated online gallery with the best design studios, designers, type foundries, and other creatives worldwide.

Slow design
In our fast-paced world today, we often forget the importance of patience and taking time to think things through.

macOS people-centered design concept.

UX Portfolio

Jordan Hughes
Jordan is a Product Designer from Australia.

Looking to find your next UX gig? Join my UX talent collective and check out the UX job board.

Last But Not Least

Terrible Terms and Conditions
A compilation of stupid ideas for the Boston Stupid Hackathon 2023.

“Design is a human ritual of understanding.”
— Maggie Mcnab

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