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Issue 434


Lessons of Design
The musings of a designer on what he loves about design and what he’s learned along the way.

Using dark patterns to overcharge for pizza 🍕
A study on how Dominos (and Pizza Hut) use dark patterns, UX tricks and design psychology to overcharge customers.

9 bogus reasons why some designers claim UX Research is a waste
Designers who don’t include research can harm the UX industry.

Starting design work in a spreadsheet
In the early phases of a project a spreadsheet can be a more useful design tool than Figma.

User Journeys vs. User Flows
User journeys and user flows both describe processes users go through in order to accomplish their goals but differ in scope, purpose, and format.

Visually Accessible Data Visualization
How Plaid designed data visualization to be more visually accessible using patterns, shapes, and high contrast colors.


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UX Portfolio

Igor Mahr
Igor is a Lead Product Designer at Kryptex.

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Last But Not Least

Embracing AI as a material for design
Now is the time for designers to learn about AI by using it.

“Earn your leadership every day.”
— Michael Jordan

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