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Issue 432


The future of software UX
How Artificial Intelligence might shape the next generation of software UX.

Why do they ignore my awesome design documentation?
Creating a live environment, not a cemetery of ideas.

Why do websites have so many pop-ups?
Nobody wants them. Nobody likes them. Why is the worst UI element of all time ubiquitous again?

Behind-the-Design: Meet Copilot
On crafting the next generation of user experiences when the system is the product.


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Tools and Resources

Coglode Behavioral Design System for Figma
Back up your ideas with evidence.

AI Tools for Designers
Hand-picked AI tools to take your workflow to the next level.

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UX Portfolio

Radilson Gomes
Radilson is a Product Designer at Basis Theory.

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Last But Not Least

Good UX is Invisible: What it’s Like to Design a World-Class User Experience
Designers help to instill trust and confidence within the millions of customers they serve.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
— Albert Einstein

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