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Issue 427


A free masterclass in pricing psychology 👑
How Netflix made a simple changes that significantly altered their product.

The End of Design As We Know It? How Automation and A.I. is changing the Face of Design Forever
The commercial and technological trends facing the industry and trying to imagine what comes next.

Collaboration Secrets: Design X Engineering
Relationship problems arise from the disciplines working in silos, a lack in communication, colleagues on either end feeling blocked and us not knowing enough about each other’s workflows and focus.

The future of design systems is automated
How plugins, widgets, and tooling are changing the landscape, and what the future holds.

How we built our multi-platform design system at
Building a design system for serving 4 different platforms is a challenge requiring lots of special considerations.


Big design takeaways from 2022
Join us at Harmony to learn from product, design, and dev leaders at Rocket Companies, Veeva, and Chipotle. They will talk about their experience in design systems, collaboration, automation, and scaling product teams. Register for free

Tools and Resources

Scribble Diffusion
Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI.

Galileo AI
Generative AI for user interface design.

Learn the foundations of being an effective design leader in my live, cohort-based Design Leadership course.
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UX Portfolio

Jon Dean
Jon is a product designer and design director based in Austin, Texas.

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UX Job

Lead Product Designer – NFT @ Ticketmaster (Chicago, IL)
Ticketmaster is looking for a lead designer to play a key part in developing design strategy to help inspire both clients and fans to the potential of NFTs.

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Last But Not Least

UX People Will Soon Have To Collaborate With New Professions
Exploring different futures for UX professionals and how to prepare to collaborate with new professions in the future.

β€œIt’s the feeling of being an eternal student that keeps this profession interesting.”
β€” Adrian Shaughnessy

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