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Issue 425


Lessons of Design
The musings of a designer on what he loves about design and what he’s learned along the way.

Onboarding Tutorials vs. Contextual Help
Contextual help signals can avoid the pitfalls of onboarding tutorials but require unintrusive ways to activate.

The age of Agile must end
Agile is incompatible with UX research, design, and scalable development.

Formulas for optical adjustments
A long-standing trope of the design world is that computers are bad at aligning and balancing the relative scales of elements. This is incorrect.

How I use Figma to craft better presentations
Simple guidelines for using Figma to showcase your strength as a visual storyteller.


Big design takeaways from 2022
Join us at Harmony to learn from product, design, and dev leaders at Rocket Companies, Veeva, and Chipotle. They will talk about their experience in design systems, collaboration, automation, and scaling product teams. Register for free

Tools and Resources

Design Leadership Course
Learn the foundations and gain the confidence of being an effective design leader.

EightShapes Specs – Figma
Automate production of design specifications based on your Figma component.

UX Portfolio

Felipe Elioenay
Felipe is a Senior Designer at Instrument.

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UX Job

Design Manager, Apps @ Roblox (San Mateo, CA)
Roblox is hiring a Product Design Manager to help lead design and strategy for their universal app and platform app futures.

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Last But Not Least

Actually, we should be worried about AI coming for our UX jobs
Evidence from economics suggests prudence and caution, not blind optimism, is the appropriate reaction to AI.

“A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us.”
— Nietzche

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