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Issue 422


Product design is going down a weird path, but we can still save it
casual analysis of our current design industry compared to the old days and principles,

Visual design rules you can safely follow every time
Some visual design rules you can learn once and use many times in your career.

Product Reviews And Ratings UX: A Designer’s Guide
Design effective reviews and ratings with a distribution chart, decimal scores, tags, recommendation score and unedited product photos.

Measuring DesignOps with the REACH Metrics Framework
Use the REACH framework to identify and triangulate relevant DesignOps metrics, and use clear goals to understand the success of individual DesignOps programs.

The End of Writing
Soon, you won’t need to write much anymore. Artificial Intelligence will do it for you.


What’s next for designers in 2023?
Take part in the most complete survey Developer Nation has ever created, share your thoughts on your favorite tools and platforms and get access to free data and insights.

Tools and Resources

What’s next for Sketch?
Sketch founders discuss what’s next for Sketch — in 2023 and beyond.

Discover inspiring logos sorted by industries, themes, typography style, branding color and more.

200+ curated AI Design Resource for Product Designers
200+ curated high quality AI resources for designers.

UX Portfolio

Ben Powell
Ben is an independent product designer & filmmaker whose worked with companies like Pinterest, Slack, and Logitech.

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UX Job

Product Designer @ Nextdoor (Remote)
Nextdoor is looking for a Product Designer to design experienes that connect to the neighborhoods that matter to you.

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Last But Not Least

The many deaths of UX design
How UX was proclaimed dead (again) and what poses a real treat to the discipline of design.

“What you do has far greater impact than what you say.”
— Stephen Covey