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Issue 421


What it means to design a platform
Interfaces, incentives, emergence, and second-order thinking constitute the biggest differences between platform and application design.

The UX of Banking: 900 days of progress
Looking back to see what’s changed in the user experience of 12 banks in the UK.

From Senior Designer to Lead Designer
What designers should do to get to the next level without becoming a manager.

Design decisions
Product design decisions are much more impactful, and we use them in order to shape a product, to decide how a product will work and achieve certain goals.

Introverted Design: Building Better UX Experiences
We can create simple experiences to meet the users’ needs without overdrawing attention and keeping it minimal.


Design Handoff 101: How to handoff designs to developers
Give your team everything they need to build your designs, minus the stress. See how Zeplin makes design handoff seamless.

Tools and Resources

“Linear” Gradients Figma Tutorial
How to create gradients like the ones you can find on the Linear website.

Sprig Prototype Integrations
Test prototypes using 1-click integrations with 12 of the most popular design tools.

UX Research Tools Map
An illustrated guide to the ever-changing world of user research software with a LotR/historical fantasy twist to it.

UX Portfolio

Adnan Jaweed
Adnan is a Product Designer at Yalah.

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Last But Not Least

10 Things No One Told Me About Design Systems
One designer’s lessons learned working on design systems.

“If not just a pixel-pusher, then what else?”

— Diógenes Brito

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