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Issue 420


Navigating the Discovery Phase
Some methods to streamline the discovery phase for your project and help you find new ways to collaborate with your peers.

User onboarding: best practices
Simple rules that will help you design a streamlined first-time users experience

3 mindsets to level up your design portfolio game
When it comes to portfolios, don’t forget who the main character is.

Surviving design reviews
If you are dreading design reviews, you’re doing it wrong.


Inspect and customize any web page visually 🎨🖌
The browser design tool for QA and prototyping. Collaborate with your team by sharing UI designs and code with a custom link.

Tools and Resources

W3Design: A Web3 Design Pattern Library
Learn from a growing library of 148 user flows and 1149 screenshots from the top web3 experiences.

SVG Repo
460,000+ open-licensed SVG vector and icons.

Turn your images into retro pixel art with ease.

UX Audit Kit
This Notion template will help you evaluate your UX to identify areas for improvement against hundreds of guidelines.

UX Portfolio

Dennis Snellenberg
Dennis is a freelance designer and developer whose portfolio creators have taken a little bit too much inspiration from.

Is your New Year’s resolution to improve your UX portfolio? Get a personalized UX portfolio review

UX Job

Product Designer @ Arthur AI (Remote)
Arthur Ai is looking for a Product Designer to help shape the future of AI and its real-world impact.

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Last But Not Least

Good Design is Intentional
It’s time we expand what it means to create more meaningful relationships between people and technology by considering the intentionality of the products we build.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
— Maya Angelou

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