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Issue 42

Hey there. This week’s issue will be a little different because I’m currently somewhere on the other side of the world trying to be off the grid. But before I left, I looked at all the stats of past UX Design Weekly issues from the first half of the year and came up with the 20 best, most popular user experience design articles so far based on clicks and shares. We’ll return to our regular scheduled UX newsletter next Friday, if I’m not too jetlagged!

The Best UX Articles of 2015… So Far

9 Pieces of UX Advice I Stole From People Smarter Than Me

10 of the Best UX Infographics

The best icon is a text label

The Next Big Thing In Design? Less Choice

Prototyping Tools and Process

Design user research explained for everyone

Marissa Mayer’s New Rule For App Design

Disney’s Magicband is the Best UX Design of the Decade

The Future of Design in Technology

Look and Feel and Feel

The 22 Rules of UX

Becoming a More Thoughtful User Experience Designer

Want to Dig into Design? Facebook’s UX Master Offers Some Must-Reads

If You Do Nothing Else: DIY UX Research Tips

My Approach to UI Design

12 Fascinating Projects From the Bleeding Edge of Interaction Design

Why It’s Totally Okay to Use a Hamburger Icon

13 UX Mistakes Explained in GIFs

One Magic Formula to Calculate User Experience?

How To Become A UX Leader

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