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Issue 419


Minimalism is boring
Unlock your own creative taste, and splatter your experiences into a sea of blank canvases.

What is a Design System?
6 different types of design systems.

The State Of Usability In 2023 🎊
Observations from real usability testing on what people do and what they don’t do on the web.

The State of Mobile User Experience
Fifteen years from the original iPhone, the quality of mobile user experience has stabilized.

Design Systems at Alibaba
How Alibaba built an RTL-first design system and maintained it during a major redesign.

How to ask questions like a UX Researcher
Tips for asking good, engaging, and productive questions.


Design Handoff 101: How to handoff designs to developers
Give your team everything they need to build your designs, minus the stress. See how Zeplin makes design handoff seamless.

Tools and Resources

Obsidian Canvas – Obsidian
An infinite space to visualize and make sense of your ideas.

Design Events Guide 2023
A calendar of all UX, motion, design & creativity events.

There is a LOGO for that
Logos designed by AI.

Height Figma Integration
Keep everyone in the loop without even leaving the canvas.

UX Portfolio

Guilherme Simoes
Guilherme is a Senior Product Design Manager at Moonfare.

Is your New Year’s resolution to improve your UX portfolio? Get a personalized UX portfolio review

UX Job

Director of Product Design @ Grin (Remote)
GRIN is seeking a Director of Product Design for the next generation of UX for the world’s first creator management platform.

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Last But Not Least

A collection of gender form fails from across the web.

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.”
— Steven Pressfield

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