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Issue 418

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I’m a designer at LinkedIn. Here are 4 tips to attract more recruiters
Understand how recruiters source candidates on LinkedIn and how to optimize your profile to improve your chances of being found

How Apple and Google Are Taking Over the In-Car User Experience
Apple and Google are making serious moves into the car industry.

It’s Time We Addressed Time-Zone Selectors
Users often struggle to find their time zone from a time-zone selector.

Complementary Space
A provocative take on how we think of space in design.


4 ways to overcome Figma handoff challenges
One of the biggest struggles in bringing a product to life is handoff between designers and developers. Here are 4 ways to make handoff clearer, easier, and faster.

Tools and Resources

Freeform provides a flexible canvas bringing conversation topics, content, and ideas all into one place.

Figma Persona 2022: What’s your creative collaboration style?
A set of 21 thought-provoking questions that will tell you about your unique working style.

A curated collection of the best design patterns found across mobile apps.

The Best of Material in 2022
Some of Material Design’s top moments from the past year.

UX Portfolio

Charles Patterson
Charles is a senior staff product designer from London.

UX Job

Senior Product Designer @ LaunchPad (New York)
LaunchPad is a software platform for youth activities businesses, families and communities looking for their first in-house designer.

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Last But Not Least

Design Takes Time
Defining the identity of iA Presenter was a three-year process.

“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody.”
— Herbert Swope

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