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Issue 415


Apple, what the heck are we doing?
An iOS 16 visual design rundown.

Creating a Fight Club
Making a space for healthy conflict in an organization to work through confusion and disagreement.

It’s visual delight that you’re looking for, not gamification
If you spend more time breaking down these games, your team can achieve the same goals while minimizing the efforts.

The Usability of Augmented Reality
AR features in mobile apps are plagued by usability issues such as poor discoverability, low-visibility instructions, or vague icons and signifiers.

Everyday Wellness for Everyday Creatives
Five adjustments to keep your professional creativity and personal projects in balance.


Become a better UI designer in 5 minute lessons 🎉
Practical, no-nonsense UI design tips. Learn to create great designs (even if if you’re not artsy). 50,000+ readers.

Tools and Resources

A complete guide to iconography
Learn how to build icons, how to align them with your brand, and how to implement them into your design system.

Design Threads
A series of threads that emerged from conversations and research with and for the design community.

Magician for Figma
A magical design tool for Figma powered by AI.

UX Portfolio

Kate Syuma
Kate is a Product Design Manager at Miro.

UX Job

Product Designer @ Hummingbird (Remote)
Hummingbird is helping fight financial crime and looking for a product designer that takes pride in crafting user-friendly and user-focused experiences.

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Last But Not Least

How does your team measure UX quality?
How to quantify UX quality to really see what was going on.

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”
— Walt Disney

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