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Issue 414


A post about well-made, high-quality products and why shipping quality is hard.

Real talk from a UX researcher
A less diplomatic way of explaining what it’s like to be a UX researcher.

Figma’s feedback gift guide
A handy guide to help you get better and giving and receiving feedback.

8 best practices for UI card design
Tips when designing a common UI card.


How the best mobile banking apps are designed and built
See how iO uses Zeplin to handle design systems and handoff so they can quickly build and deploy high-performing mobile banking apps.

Tools and Resources

The Design System Guide
A guide for setting up a design system.

Convert images to SVG vectors, PNG-to-SVG Vectors.

Kive AI Canvas
A multiplayer AI creation canvas.

Supernova – Design Token Management
The next generation of design token management.

UX Portfolio

Zara Drei
Zara is a London-based experience designer.

UX Job

Product Designer (Remote) @ TestGorilla
As a Product Designer, you’ll be responsible for creating products that help hundreds of thousands of users around the world land their dream job.

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Last But Not Least

Command K Bars
Command line bars you can quickly summon with a keyboard shortcut.

“I prefer to see with closed eyes.”
— Josef Albers

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