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Issue 411


Why Everything Looks the Same
How economic globalization, generational transition, and technology converge to flatten the consumer experience

Drag & Drop UX Design Best Practices
Things to consider when designing drag and drop experiences.

Disruptive design patterns — an uncharted territory
From Apple’s Dynamic Island to TikTok’s vertical video swipe: Are new design patterns going viral faster than ever?

Beyond form and function: Design is poetry
If you’re searching for more meaning in your work as a designer, try to treat your designs as poetry.


💥 One prototyping tool that does the jobs of many.
Why do you use so many tools in your design process? Time to change that. Try UXPin, so you can build interactive prototypes, iterate, and let your developers extract code with one tool. Ready to try?.

Tools and Resources

The Component Gallery
A repository of interface components based on examples from the world of design systems.

Collaborate Better Handbook – DesignBetter
As work shifts from in-person interaction to more distributed and hybrid collaboration, it becomes increasingly important to understand how to collaborate effectively.

LottieFiles Platform
New tools for collaborating, editing, optimizing, and shipping Lottie animations.

iA Presenter
A fresh, fast and fun way to create and hold presentations.

UX Portfolio

Jakub Zegzulka
Jakub is a design student at ArtCenter learning AR/MR.

UX Job

Product Designer @ Clubhouse (remote)
Clubhouse is looking for a designer to design features for the core product.

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Last But Not Least

From finding to doing. Outputs and impact of user research
Framing outputs for increasing impact of design research.

“Don’t wait for things to be perfect before you share them with others. Show early and show often. It’ll be pretty when we get there, but it won’t be pretty along the way.”
— Ed Catmull

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