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Issue 410


Photoshop for text
In the near future, transforming text will become as commonplace as filtering images

4 Ways to Optimize the Comparison Feature for Scanning
Comparison features can be an intimidating and overwhelming interface if not properly designed.

Understanding User Pathways in Analytics
Path reports can provide insights about potential issues, typical navigation routes, and the content that users interact with right before key actions.

Usability heuristic frameworks: which one is right for you?
Going beyond Nielsen’s usability heuristics.


Level up your Figma design delivery

Figma is a powerful tool for designing and editing, but it’s not the friendliest tool to your developers. Design in Figma, and use Zeplin to translate your designs into team-friendly formats so you can ship products faster. Learn more

Tools and Resources

Material Design 3 design kit for Figma
Ready-to-use components and styles in Figma based on the newest version of Material Design.

Magic, utility, and redesigning
Pushing visual and interactive expression in design guidelines with Material Design 3.
Convert any website into fully editable Figma designs.

State of DesignOps 2022 (PDF)
DesignOps is growing in size, maturity, and complexity.

UX Portfolio

Michael Mofina
Michael is a designer, currently making things for Apple at Critical Mass.

Eduardo Becerril
Eduardo is a lead designer at GreenDot.

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Last But Not Least

Homepage history:
A look at over 25 years of homepages and see how it has influenced a generation of designers and marketers.

“A person’s willingness to fail is what gives them an ability to succeed.”
— Vinod Khosla