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Issue 41


Why empty states deserve more design time
An empty state is an an afterthought for many designers but they deserve your attention because they are actually full of potential to drive engagement, delight users, and retain users at critical moments.

A Matter of Principle
Julie Zhuo, Product Designer Director at Facebook, writes about defining your principles before exploring and sharing designs.

A Crash Course in UX Design Research
16 design research methods you can use with resources to dive deeper into each one.

Skip the Intro, Don’t Skip Onboarding
Showing people the value you offer, and letting them play and experience it up front will go a long way into transforming a new user into a passionate evangelist of your product.

Designing For (and With) Color Blindness
Keeping those who are color blind in mind when making our color choices, we can create designs resulting in a much better app and user experience.

A Month Designing in VR
Some takeaways on the design process and design patterns for designing for virtual reality.

How to Perform Your Own Lean Mobile Usability Testing
Usability testing doesn’t have to be done in labs, doesn’t require experts, and doesn’t have to be expensive.

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Validate your design with these questions
Do you ask the ‘right’ questions to your users? Ask these questions to your users and learn what they think about your design, company and competition. usabilityTools created this free report for UX Designers, Web Designers and Marketers to get actionable user insights. Click here to get your free report.

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Tools & Resources

Beyond Tufte
Nine great books about information visualization. Want something more general? Check out 35 Books Every Designer Should Read.

Device Metrics
A handy resource from Google to get detailed device information, recommended measurements, and values for portrait and landscape orientations.

Validate your designs with your coworkers by sharing, annotating and commenting on designs through Slack.

User Experience Designer – Top Job for College Graduates in 2015
A User Experience Designer is 2nd in top entry level salaries and 4th in most meaningful job out of college.

UX Portfolio

Artem Troinoi
Artem is an interaction designr from Russia who posted a redesign concept of the New York Times that got a lot of buzz earlier this week.

Last But Not Least

UX Humor
A presentation about User Experience myths and mistakes with a touch of humor.

“Good designers can create normalcy out of chaos; they can clearly communicate ideas through the organizing and manipulating of words and pictures.”
— Jeffery Veen

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