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Issue 409


AI UX Design: A New Way Of Designing
What AI-infused UX is and how to design AI-powered products.

AI is going to change UX research forever
Exploring how AI is going to impact the field of UX research.

Form Usability: Getting ‘Address Line 2’ Right
“Address Line 2” is a field that causes a surprising amount of friction for users.

Challenges of multi-brand design systems
Your management needs to know about complexity, limitations, and time before you start.


Disco Conf 2022 by Maze
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Tools and Resources

Random, accessible color combinations.

Add video to prototypes – Figma
You can now add videos to your files and prototypes.

Microsoft Designer
A free AI-powered app that helps you create designs in a flash.

Overflow Stories
Create interactive, self-guided tours of your designs.

UX Portfolio

Jakub Zegzulka
Jakob is studying Interaction Design at ArtCenter College of Design.

UX Job

Head of Design (UI/UX) @ Provenance (Remote)
Provenance is looking for a head of design to lead their platform which helps customize wedding ceremonies,

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Last But Not Least

Dieter Rams Wallpapers
Be inspired by one of the most influential designers of our time.

“Question everything generally thought to be obvious.”
— Dieter Rams

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