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Issue 408


Building delight in your design system
How can we design our processes to make sure that delight is a key part in what makes your MVPs ‘viable’?

When not to use surveys as a primary research tool
Ensure that quantitative data is what actually informs your research goals before settling for a survey.

Successful Onboarding for New Hires in UX Roles
A well-documented, collaborative internal onboarding process enables new UX professionals to immediately recognize their impact within the organization and improves employee retention.

Credit Karma: the UX complexity of credit scores 📈
Credit Karma is not providing suitable education to convert potential 18-25 year old users.

Designers: Your self-insight is as bad as everyone else’s
Designers claim to understand people who they might impact but do they even understand themselves?


The importance of design systems for design teams
Companies like Apple, AirBnb, and Google have changed the ways they design by utilizing design systems: centralized libraries of design standards that can be used to build products and applications. Learn about design systems and how they’re critical in the collaboration of design, development, and product teams.

Tools and Resources

A Designer’s Balancing Act: Staying Creative and Organized in Figma
The key to achieving both the experimentation and collaboration goals is to balance the exploratory nature of design with logical organization in your shared work.

Behind the feature: find and replace
A behind-the-scenes look at those challenges, the approach to testing, and how they translated learnings from the plugin to build a native functionality.

UX Portfolio

Gene Ross
Gene is a Staff Designer at Twitter.

UX Job

Product Designer (UX/UI) @ Healthie (Remote)
Healthie is seeking an experienced product designer to help deliver a best-in-class product for the health & wellness industry.

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Last But Not Least

Finding Your Groove in Corporate UX
How someone on a UX team of hundreds can add value.

“Be purposeful and thoughtful in the choices you make when the options are nearly infinite.”
— Michael Bierut

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