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Issue 407


Designing for “delight” is dead
The ultimate goal of product design has to be well-being — not delight.

Finding your T-Shape as a Generalist Designer
In order to make sense of the complex web of design roles, it can be helpful to think of a generalist-specialist spectrum.

Product designers, meet your new friend, HCI
Reading HCI research can expand your thinking about designing for human-computer interaction.

Guidelines for Designing an In-Car Voice Assistant
Concrete guidelines for designing a voice assistant for drivers.

Introducing Business Design Patterns
What they are and their ROI – an extension of the design system mindset into business use cases.


🎨 Build prototypes that work just like products.
When was the last time your design got built exactly how you wanted it to be? Exactly! With UXPin Merge you can build prototypes that can be developed 1:1. Check how.

Tools and Resources

Infinite Canvas
Tools that work the way we think.

Prototyper for Figma
Bring your design to life with code in Figma.

Stark for Mac
Find and fix accessibility issues in your existing Figma and Sketch files.

UX Portfolio

Oishee Sen
Oishee is a product and visual designer building experiences for Bumble.

Last But Not Least

The Future Of Design Is Open Source
The difference between ‘Open Design’ and ‘Open Source design tools’, and the opportunity for an era of open source design amidst Adobe x Figma.

“Accidents often produce the best solutions. Only you can recognize the difference between an accident and your original intent.”
— Jennifer Morla

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