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Issue 402


Why design skill maps are not inclusive career ladders
Let go of the skills obsession to humanize career progression.

Designing Better Error Messages UX
There are plenty of considerations when dealing with error messages that might cause high abandonment or help people resolve issues quickly.

A Guide to Using User-Experience Research Methods
20 methods mapped across 3 dimensions and over time within a typical product-development process.

How Snapchat and Netflix Break UX Design Principles
Who says we can’t occasionally break UX guidelines if it’s for the good cause? 

DTC UX: Avoid Intermediary Category Pages
Avoiding intermediary category pages in favor of directing users to product lists instead is a better solution.


How the Washington Post built its design system
A design system is a crucial tool for design teams to scale their output. Find out how a media icon that gets 80+ million visitors a month built their design system so they can ship better and faster.

Tools and Resources

Accessibility Not-Checklist
The Not-Checklist acts as a guide to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Figma growing inside Microsoft, testing longtime deal with Adobe
Tens of thousands of employees at Microsoft use Figma, which competes with Adobe’s XD program and is causing tension within the company.

A tool to make “expandable, embeddable explanations.”

Beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons

UX Portfolio

Matej Latin
Matej Latin is a Senior Product Designer at GitLab.

UX Job

Product Designer – Cloud Travel (Remote) @ Hopper
Your role as a Product Designer will be to design features for Hopper’s B2B applications that are useful & delightful.

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Last But Not Least

In chatbots we (mostly) trust
Conversational agents are not only are they becoming increasingly accepted, but now they are also often preferred over live support.

“Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.”
— General George Patton

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