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Issue 4

I’ve been reaching out to companies that make great products for user experience designers to see if they can provide any discounts or bonuses to subscribers of UX Design Weekly. Rosenfeld Media – publisher of user experience books, UserTesting – remote usability results in an hour, and Framer – an interaction and animation prototyping tool, stepped up to the plate and are offering awesome deals for you. In addition, Rosenfeld Media, wants to give away a book each month to a lucky subscriber. For October, just take this to be entered. I’ll announce the winner at the end of the month (Issue 7).
— Kenny


Understanding UX Skills
Former head of design at Google, Yahoo and Udacity, Irene Au writes about what skills to look for when recruiting UX talent.

Making Mobile Design More Productive in Three Simple Steps
By using the framework of Simplify, Prioritize, and Bulletproof designers can develop focused and contextually appropriate experiences and ask themselves if they are putting to much functionality and interface into a design.

How Bad Design Killed Jenny
Jonathan Shariat writes about how there are some real, very serious UX problems out in the world and offers some steps you can do to help.

The Importance of Navigation Design Patterns
Designing navigation that makes sense is crucial.

Characteristics of a User Experience Designer
I wrote a short piece about what traits a UX designer needs: curiosity, empathy and passion.

Tools & Resources

Project Layup
Adobe had their MAX conference this week and announced a slew of new products. Project Layup is an iPad app that allows designers go from the sketching phases all the way to creating graphic mockups. Some other interesting products out now include Adobe Shape CC – capture images and turn it into vectors, and Color – a palette and color scheme generator.

UX Companion
A handy glossary of user experience (UX) theories, tools and principles for iOS.

Launched this week, Delighted makes it easy for companies to gather feedback from their customers based on their Net Promoter Score.


MAX Online
Watch keynotes from Adobe MAX and more than 100 MAX sessions on demand.

Free eBook: The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation
A master collection of frameworks, examples, And expert opinions at every stage of the design process. Check out more free eBooks by UXPin.

Design Review Podcast
A weekly podcast about products and their UX. In their latest episode hear Chris and Jonathan review hot new social network Ello. Want to try Ello? I have a few invites – reply to this email if you want one.

McDonald’s Automated Ordering
Check out the UI for ordering burgers at a McDonalds in Australia. Will this be how we’re ordering Big Macs in the future?


Francine Lee
A UX designer at Dropbox, Francine’s portfolio not only shows various projects but also her process reimagining the Dropbox Photos.


User Experience Designer at, Inc. (San Diego, CA)
Help educators advance student achievement by designing engaging and intuitive user interfaces for a suite of products.

Senior UI/UX Designer at NeoCare Solutions (San Francisco – Financial District)
Ease the transition from hospital to home for parents with babies in the NICU by being a key member of the User Experience Design Team.

Last But Not Least

Introducing Carrot
A seamless experience, meticulously crafted, from beginning to end. It’s not just a vegetable, it’s what a vegetable should be.

“Design creates stories, and stories create memorable experiences, and great experiences have this innate ability to change the way in which we view our world.”
— Christian Saylor

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