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Issue 399


One billion signatures β€” UX analysis of DocuSign ✏️
4 takeaways of what DocuSign is doing right to have 1 billion users and a 4.9 star score on their iOS app.

Junior designers need your help
The real learning for budding designers begins in your first years, and it is up to design leaders to set new designers up for success.

Rethinking Authentication UX
Every day, we prompt users through hoops and loops to sign up and log in. Let’s fix that.

How to Recruit Participants for UX Research (without the Headache)
7 considerations for making the recruitment process as painless as possible.

Phone inputs and you: the designer’s essential UI guide
Telephone number inputs are pretty common but we need to account for a lot of different factors.

Tools and Resources

Ok! So…
A drawing app to express, grasp, and organize your thoughts and ideas

Run Concept Tests and Usability Tests
Test designs and prototypes before you build.

Ballpark Research Template Library
30+ test templates covering usability, surveys, prototypes, branding and more.

UX Portfolio

Kathleen Huang
Kathleen is a product designer at Instagram.

UX Job

Product Designer – Content Platform
@ Spotify (Remote)

Spotify is looking for an enthusiastic product designer with a systems-thinking mindset to join their Content Platform team.

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Last But Not Least

Fitts’s Law and Its Applications in UX
3The movement time to a target depends on the size of the target and the distance to the target.

β€œIt is not daily increase but daily decrease; hack away the unessential.”
β€” Bruce Lee