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Issue 396


The designer’s gaze
The unintended consequences of our designs also have the same effect on the world as the intended consequences.

Designing Design Workshops: Beyond Dot-Voting
When you only know two templates (write on post-its and dot-vote) workshops can become disconnected from the desired outcomes.

Resolving Conflicts Between Designers And Engineers
Areas where you might find the design and engineering conflicts manifesting, what some of the contributing factors are, and strategies to work through the challenges.

The importance of teachable interactions
Inadequate consideration of how products are taught to users can result in sub-optimal product designs.

Where’s the button? Designing for mode confusion
Software is lovely, but we know firsthand that it can be terrible. Mode changes are confusion points for many of us.


No more hide-and-seek with components 🙈
When you add reusable components into your design, your developers could miss them. In Zeplin, developers can instantly highlight all the components in a design, so they know exactly what to build.

Tools and Resources
Online design tool with no coding to think about.

Figma Component Library
Find and copy free Figma components in one place.
Crafted UI sound assets for UX developers

The History of User Interfaces
A look back at the space where interactions between humans and machines occur.

UX Portfolio

Cassie Xu
Cassie is a UX Designer at Amazon.

UX Job

UX Designer, Buy with Prime @ Amazon (Remote)
Amazon is looking for a UX Designer to start a new project with strategic significance and high exposure.

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Last But Not Least

Human-Centered Design Is Broken. Here’s a Better Alternative
By centering on the human perspective, we also center our narrow definition of success.

“Creativity is the depth of the honesty you express towards your possibility.”
— Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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