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Issue 393


Returning to craft
How returning to the craft taught one designer to be a better leader.

Touch-First Cursor: Round Pointers vs. Mouse Arrows
Some observations and new things to consider with touch cursors.

Mastery for generalists
Mastering the generalist path means everyone will be better than you at something, but you’re better than everyone at every little thing.

How Figma put the bounce in spring animations
The story of how spring animations bounced their way into Figma.


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Tools and Resources

Prototyper for Figma
Bring your design to life with code in Figma.

iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma
Hundreds of components, templates, demos, and everything else needed to help you start designing for iOS.

UX Portfolio

Daniel Destefanis
Daniel is a Design Manager at Discord.

UX Job

Senior Product Designer @ Replicant
Replicant is building the world’s first autonomous contact center. You’ll have an opportunity to join an early-stage product team and help make a huge impact.

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Last But Not Least

Should you design for big tech, agencies, or startups?
A retrospective of design and work culture across different firms.

“One accurate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions.”
— Grace Hopper

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