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Issue 392


The vanishing designer
The rise of data-driven culture cultivated a generation of designers who only take risk-free and success-guaranteed steps.

Designing the perfect button
Everything you need to know about what makes a button great.

The World’s Most Satisfying Checkbox
Design can be reductive and rational. But it can also add richness to our lives.

When to Design for Emergence
Market applications on the long-tail of user needs.

Structuring information: Learnings from creating slides and presentations
How to structure information for better comprehension.


No more hide-and-seek with components 🙈
When you add reusable components into your design, your developers could miss them. In Zeplin, developers can instantly highlight all the components in a design, so they know exactly what to build.

Tools and Resources

Primer Prism
A tool for creating cohesive, consistent, and accessible color palettes

The 2022 Design Systems survey results
Understand the perspectives of both the people building and maintaining a design system and those who use or contribute to it.

UX Portfolio

Yichen Xie
Yichen is an incoming product designer for Microsoft.

UX Job

Product Designer @ Syndicate (Remote)
Syndicate is looking for a product designer to join their team to design key parts of their decentralized investing platform.

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Last But Not Least

Inside the dissolution of Apple’s legacy design team
Following the death of Steve Jobs, dysfunction ran rampant within Apple’s design team.

“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”
— Doris Lessing

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