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Issue 390


Airbnb’s Feature Release: What Can We Learn From It?
How Airbnb is embracing post-pandemic ambiguity and anxieties.

How designers can help drive better engineering practices around user interfaces
Advocate for better UI and front end engineering practices as much as focusing on practices within their team.

Focus on: Solution space product discovery
Solution Discovery is a journey to successfully solving the most impactful user problem.

How to share research in design systems
User research with designers and developers about how they use the research that supports a design system – and what they need from it.


There’s a smarter way to map user journeys.
That’s why we built Flows in Zeplin. Easily connect published screens into a Flow, then add important actions, decisions, or branches using Shapes.

Tools and Resources

UI Coach
Improve your UX design skills by designing real-world projects.

Favorite Google Fonts pairings
Handpicked Google Fonts pairings with a template to use in Figma.

Ethical Design Resources
Articles, books, frameworks, toolkits and more on ethical design.

Data Viz Project
Collection of data visualizations to get inspired and finding the right type.

Animate your vector illustrations with a few clicks.

UX Portfolio

Jon Woodcock
Jon is a UX designer based in the UK at KCOM.

UX Job

Product Designer @ Substack (Remote)
Substack is looking for an adventurous designers who want to explore a model-level alternative to the content networks of our time

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Last But Not Least

Paying off design debt
How to decide which Design Debt to fix and incorporate it into the roadmap without causing friction.

“Done is better than perfect.”
— Sheryl Sandberg

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