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Issue 385


10 cognitive biases that shape our world
Being aware of our cognitive biases helps to recognize their power in shaping our thoughts, opinions, attitudes and the decisions we make.

Boosting UX With Design KPIs
Consider establishing design KPIs alongside business KPIs and create a more holistic and healthy mix of metrics that capture user experience and business goals.

Good North Star, Bad North Star
North Stars can be a fantastic tool to accelerate projects and sell a vision. But when used incorrectly, they’re a frustrating waste of time.

Supercharge your Design System with Design Tokens
Getting started with design tokens.

11 steps to keep Figma clean
Tips that may help you and your teammates in organizing your work in Figma.

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Tools and Resources

Material Symbols
Consolidating over 2,500 Material glyphs in a single font file with a wide range of design variants.

An AI-powered collaborative design software for non-designers.

SVG Doodles
A collection of hand made SVG doodles ready to copy-paste.

All the user-facing states
A reference of what a user state is and is not.

Learn UX/UI design skills in practice with bite-sized tasks.

UX Job

Director, Product Design @ DuckDuckGo (Worldwide Remote)
DuckDuckGo is looking for a Director, Product Design to help shape their all-in-one privacy solution.

Senior UX/UI Designer @ surefoot (Remote in the US)
As a Senior UX/UI Designer at surefoot, you’ll rely on data and usability best practices to craft functional, user-centric designs that solve users’ pain points.

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UX Portfolio

Adrienne Lee Russell
Adrienee is the Lead UX Designer at Capital Technology Group.

Last But Not Least

A New Future for the Interface
Looking toward a truly adaptive future by connecting historic conceptions of interface and adaptable design with contemporary developments and visions.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
— Michael Jordan