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Issue 384


So… this is a job?
Designers share a problem with politicians and business consultants: nobody knows what they are actually doing.

Excel is your most overlooked design tool
A designer’s perspective on how to build infographics, dashboards, presentations & more in a spreadsheet.

Three Methods to Increase User Autonomy in UX Design
Designers should help people use interfaces in ways that align with personal preferences and priorities.

Designing Better Navigation With Navigation Queries
We can use navigation queries to pick up our users whenever they are and gently guide them toward the page that is of interest to them.

Design System Coverage
How much of a page should be made up of design system components?


Introducing Flows: A New Way to Communicate Design Intention
Zeplin Flows let designers spend more time on design, less time explaining design files to the rest of the team. Use Flows to effortlessly highlight user journeys with native connectors, groups, and text labels — no more extra layers. Your team will always be on the same page and know exactly what to build.

Tools and Resources

UI Ball – Loaders
Free loaders & spinners for your next project.

Good ideas stick
A brief history of washi tape, and why Figma thinks it’s the perfect experience to digitize.

Create an interactive agenda for your workshop or meeting, and play through them using the built-in FigJam timer!

UX Portfolio

Chengsu Chen
Chengsu is a SF based Product Designer at Coinbase.

UX Job

Senior UX/UI Designer @ surefoot (Remote)
As a Senior UX/UI Designer at surefoot, you’ll rely on data and usability best practices to craft functional, user-centric designs that solve users’ pain points.

Looking for your next gig? Check out my UX job board and apply to my UX talent collective.

Last But Not Least

Building a Personal Brand to Boost Your UX Career
Tips from six UX pros who made a space for themselves online.

“The key to great ideas is not having them, it is executing them. And great ideas come from problems. As designers we call problems ‘briefs’ and we call reactions to problems ‘concepts.”
— Kate Moross

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