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Issue 383


The 7 Ways Designers Make Money (and why most of us are only doing the first three)
As designers we often donโ€™t think about the economics of our discipline enough.

Designers are spending too much time designing UI variations manually
Currently, the process of fine-tuning visual elements to find usable, balanced, beautiful variations of interface elements requires too much repetitive work.

Designing A Better Carousel UX
How do we create a better carousel experience that helps people, rather than frustrates them?

How to Conduct a Cognitive Walkthrough Workshop
Step-by-step directions for running a cognitive-walkthrough workshop with examples and templates included.

How to onboard into web3 as a product designer
The thought of designing for web3 can be daunting for folks who are unfamiliar with the space.

How do I land a design job at a large company?
7 simple truths that I always recommend about landing that job at a big tech company.

Tools and Resources

Minimal Gallery
Beautiful, clean, and functional web design inspiration.

Figma Config 2022
Over 100 speakers and 65 sessions open to all.

Reasonable Colors
An open-source color system for building accessible, nice-looking color palettes.

Reach by Maze
Send targeted product research campaigns.

UX Portfolio

Marisa M. Lee
Marisa is a Bay Area UX designer.

Looking to find your next gig? Apply to my UX talent collective

UX Job

Senior UX Designer (Remote) @ Magic Eden
Magic Eden is the #1 NFT marketplace on Solana and looking for a designer to lead UX across their product lines.

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Last But Not Least

How to design the most controversial button on the internet and not screw it up
Twitter is finally releasing an edit button.

โ€œWe are kept from our goal not by obstacles, but by a clear path to a lesser goal.

โ€” Robert Brault