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Issue 381


If we can make a product work for anyone, it usually works better for everyone
The simpler the solution, the lower the cognitive load.

Snippets of good design
A collection of clever design decisions.

A gradual UX approach to design gender-inclusive forms
The design changes that can be made on forms to make them gender inclusive.

Designing A Better Infinite Scroll
A few important guidelines to consider when designing a better infinite scroll.

Don’t rely only on tools to pick an accessible color combination
How can we make sure to design with accessible colors?

Tools and Resources

Streamline Elements
1,300 free vector elements to spruce up your designs.

Interaction 22
The Interaction 22 recordings are now publicly available.

Workbench Design System
Documentation, tools, and standards for Gusto’s platform.

UX Portfolio

Dustin Le
Dustin is a UX Designer at Nike.

UX Job

Corporate Travel Product Designer @ Hopper (Remote)
The Hopper team is building a corporate platform from the ground up and are looking for a Product Designer to join the team.

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Last But Not Least

Stop adding features to your product. Start crafting behaviors.
The best way for increasing the usage and value of the product is to craft the product from a behavioral perspective instead of feature perspective.

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.”
— Torrie T. Asai