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Issue 378


The Craft in Design
The relationship between craft and design.

6 Mistakes When Crafting Interview Questions
How you ask questions in a user interview impacts the reliability and utility of the data you collect.

What Can UX Designers Learn From The Uniquely Japanese Concept of Omotenashi?
Advocating empathetic design by anticipating user needs, taking pride in fulfilling them and sharing the knowledge.

I just reviewed 370 UX applications
What is wrong with all these applications.

Don’t Alienate Your User: A Primer for Internationalisation & Localisation
There is a lot we can do as designers to make sure our websites and products are welcoming and understandable for wider audiences.


Bad Color Contrast Ruins Good UX
Bad color contrast ruins good UX because it makes a website inaccessible. Let’s make the web more accessible, starting with your latest design. Check your color contrast with this free tool.

Tools and Resources

The State of User Research 2022 Report
Data and insights on designers who do research as part of their jobs.

Design tool for 3D web experiences now in beta.

Magic Eraser
Remove unwanted things from images in seconds.

UX Portfolio

Ted Lee
Ted is a Product Designer studying Interaction Design MFA at the School of Visual Arts.

Last But Not Least

I’m a PostIt® Note Designer
A satirical view on the Post It® Note design from hundreds of meeting rooms from all around the world.

“Because every person knows what he likes, every person thinks he is an expert on user interfaces.”
—  Paul Heckel

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