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Issue 377


The imperfections of Gmail
A UX case study on Gmail’s onboarding.

Understanding Figma’s interactive components feature
The Interactive Components feature is a welcome addition for those of us who create prototypes.

How To Create An Information Architecture That Is Easy To Use
If users cannot find the answers to their questions or are not exposed to critical messaging, they will not act, and your website will fail.

The best design system is no system
A healthy dose of critical reflections should always be applied when dealing with design systems.


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Tools and Resources

An AI color palette generator.

Open Source Color System
Simple color system for complex digital interfaces.

UX Portfolio

Alex Griendling
Alex is a Senior Visual Designer at Bungie.

Ryan Shih
Ryan is a former architect turned product designer.

Last But Not Least

Should you ever NOT listen to user feedback?
The Betty Crocker phenomenon, and the difference between user feedback and user insights.

“Findability precedes usability. You can’t use what you can’t find.”
— Peter Morville

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