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Issue 376


Where are our design heroes?
If you asked a young designer 20 years ago who their design heroes are, you’d hear some familiar names.

The Science of Color & Design
How Material used color science to make design easier and more expressive than ever before.

Decision-making toolkit for UX and product designers
How to form strong opinions and confidently propose the ‘right’ design solutions.

Designing with data: Build trusted recommendations through this simple framework
A progressive and straightforward framework to enhance your users’ experiences with data.

Secondary Research in UX
Secondary research is an essential foundation for UX work, necessary to explore the problem space and scope of prior projects.

How (and why) to create a design playbook
Design playbooks are a solid foundation for design teams to build and innovate on top of.


Introducing Flows: A New Way to Communicate Design Intention
Zeplin Flows let designers spend more time on design, less time explaining design files to the rest of the team. Use Flows to effortlessly highlight user journeys with native connectors, groups, and text labels — no more extra layers. Your team will always be on the same page and know exactly what to build.

Tools and Resources

User Interface Gallery
A gallery and playground for UI ideas and inspiration.

400+ handcrafted icons free for your next project.

Collect, analyze, and share customer research.

Sync your Figma files with GitHub repositories.

UX Portfolio

Yeonjin Park
Yeonjin is a designer currently earning a Masters in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon.

Last But Not Least

Comic Sans is a good typeface, actually
A purpose-built typeface adopted by the masses that is both viewed negatively, but also helps people read and write.

“Design has to work. Art does not.”
— Donald Judd

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