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Issue 370


Software Is Automating Design. What Does That Mean For Designers?
As more and more traditional design tasks become automated, the role of the designer must shift.

Switching Careers to UX Design
Insights from interviews with 20 designers who made the switch to UX Design from another field.

The Art of Storytelling for Case Studies
Tips to make your UX portfolio easier to write and read.

A matrix for prioritizing user research
A guide on how to focus one’s efforts regarding research based on various situations.

Writing with respect
Users are people. Treat them well.


[Conference] Start 2022 with Harmony
Learn how to scale your design function, operations, and technology at the Harmony Summit. Hear from leaders at organizations like Disney and Microsoft on how their design teams collaborate with engineering, product, and the entire company to deliver beautiful products.

Tools and Resources

A minimalist graphical editor.

Iteration X
Iterate and collaborate directly on your live product.

Lottie Animations by Iconscout
10,000+ high quality and ready to use Lottie animations.

A digital notebook that blends notes, tasks, whiteboards, and a daily planner into one app.

Tiny Sketchbook
Create, collaborate and share your doodle art drawings.

Token Master
Edit design tokens and create new color modes in Figma.

UX Portfolio

Carol Chu
Carol is a designer who interned at Spotify.

Last But Not Least

A guide to becoming a senior product designer
Learn how career ladders work and how to create a career plan to climb the ladder. Also check out Junior vs Senior: A Conversation.

“Design is not a single object or dimension. Design is messy and complex.”
— Natasha Jen

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Harmony Summit by Zeplin