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Issue 368

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Six tips to make your design critique more effective
While critiques are a common practice, they sometimes fail—even more so in the virtual work environment.

Why a design team needs a Design Hub?
Creating a group vision helps solve problems and build a strong team culture.

Preparing Designers for Leadership
There’s a significant need in our industry to prepare designers for the actual job of leadership.

Why good design sticks with design systems
Don’t re-invent the wheel when there’s an existing pattern you can reuse.


[Conference] Start 2022 with Harmony
Learn how to scale your design function, operations, and technology at the Harmony Summit. Hear from leaders at organizations like Disney and Microsoft on how their design teams collaborate with engineering, product, and the entire company to deliver beautiful products.

Tools and Resources

The icon manager for web developer
A free icon manager for web developers.

Go through some of the most beautiful colors on Earth.

Paper Prototyping: A Cutout Kit
Easily (and cheaply) test early designs with this paper-prototyping kit.

BRICKS Design System
A free, customizable MaterialUI design system.

UX Portfolio

Michael Feeney
Michael is a Berlin-based Product Designer who explored his 2021 work-from-home routine from a nostalgic perspective.

Last But Not Least

Where Will Product Design Be In 5 Years From Now?
5 key areas of opportunity to poke holes in and aid in your conquest for exceptional design work.

“To design is to transform prose into poetry.”
— Paul Rand

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