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Issue 363


Time with teammates is as important as time with users
Designers need to invest just as much time in getting to know their teammates and cross-functional peers as they do getting to know their customers.

What If Phones Were Actually Designed for Hands?
Phones no longer fit in the hands they were made to be held and used by.

A guide to effective emotional design
Designing for experiences that build an emotional connection with users or make them feel special by bringing delight.

The endless search for “here” in the unhelpful “click here” button
How “click the button below” can be confusing to those of us who use the web differently.


Meet Jam – the fastest tool for design reviews.
Give lightning-fast feedback on live websites without the frustration of screenshots. Suggest edits to a website like you would do in a Google Doc. Move faster. Save dev cycles. Ship better products.

Jam is invite-only, but UX Design Weekly readers can sign-up using this link:

Tools and Resources

A tiny little drawing app.

Create product teasers with animated mockups.

Sticky Studio
A collaborative space for complex discussions.

UX Portfolio

Jay Hong
Jay is an incoming product designer at Spotify.

Last But Not Least

Why white looks bigger than black
The unknown optical illusion every designer should know.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”
— Mary Lou Cook

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