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Issue 361


Three ways to more effectively present your designs
Designers can deliver their work more effectively by focusing on the audience’s needs, speaking to specific details of the work, and spending more time listening than presenting.

Beyond 10×
What matters are your team’s outcomes, not the raw amount of work they do.

Can a Robot Do a Designer’s Job?
Automation isn’t as much of a threat as we have been told.

The Golden Ratio and User-Interface Design
Although traditionally used in art and architecture, the golden ratio can be referenced to design aesthetically pleasing interfaces.

The Guideline Gap
How to shorten the bug iteration loop & repair relationships.


The Grovemade Desk Pad
Some call it a desk mat. Some call it a desk blotter. We call it a force field. Instead of touching an uninteresting surface, you touch luxury.

New customers can get 10% off at Grovemade by using discount code UX Design Weekly 10.

Tools and Resources

Learn Responsive Design
A course exploring all aspects of responsive design.

Maze Question Bank
A Notion database template compiling 350+ ready-to-use questions for rapid research and testing.

Generate color palettes and apply instantly.

UX Portfolio

Ivette Felix Uy
Ivette is a Product Designer at Air in NYC.

Last But Not Least

My Pandemic Origin Story
How Bonnie Kate Wolf went from unemployment to making $600,000 a year.

“Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form.”
— David Lewis

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