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Issue 360


How to (properly) break your design system
Trying to create a system around every single part of your product is an illusion. Make sure you leave room for serendipity, and joy.

Some Thoughts on Interfaces
The tension between wanting our interfaces to be more intuitive and at the same time help us accomplish a wider variety of ever more complex tasks.

Designing our new company brand: Meta
A look into Facebook’s new brand system, designed collectively by brand and product teams from across the company.

When to Skip UX Research
Knowing when to delay or reposition research is a skill.

Four Principles for the Future of Design
How the Fluent Design System helps Microsoft evolve and grow better together.


Learn from the best designers in tech!
On Deck Design is a continuous community for designers who want to accelerate their careers through specialized tracks led by industry experts. Applications for the next cohort are open now. Apply today!

Tools and Resources

Material Design 3
Components, libraries, and guidelines for Material You.

LottieFiles for Adobe XD
Include motion in your design process and give life to your prototypes.

macOS Monterey UI Kit for Figma
UI kit for Figma that includes many of the OS-level components needed to get started with any project for the Mac.

Cross-platform app that keeps your flow with AI tools and built-in graphics.

UX Portfolio

Jason Marder
Jason is a designer at Stripe.

Last But Not Least

Reading Design
An online archive of critical writing about design.

“Do good work for good people.”
— Aaron Draplin

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