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Issue 359


Reimagining OKRs for designers and design teams
Exploreing the OKR-based model for goal setting and reviews, specifically for UX teams.

Prioritize Quantitative Data with the Pareto Principle
Prioritize the 20% of your website or app responsible for 80% of a critical metric to generate substantial improvements for less effort.

Never Forget a Good Idea Again
A simple three-step process that will allow you never to forget a good idea again.

Design for yourself! (Sometimes)
Individual creativity is a remarkable source for innovation.

Checkout Optimization
5 ways to minimize form fields in checkout.

Tools and Resources

Random Design Stuff
Browse handpicked websites for designers.Sometimes useful. Sometimes not.

New FigJam features and a more open platform
FigJam introduces widgets, plugins, code blocks, new templates, open sessions, and more.

Anima 5
Live Material Design components inside Figma & Adobe XD.
High quality image background removal tool.

UX Portfolio

Polo Garcia
Polo is a Senior Product Designer at Sofia.

Last But Not Least

Hocus :focus
A keyboard accessibility horror game.

โ€œWhere you innovate, how you innovate, and what you innovate are design problems.โ€
โ€” Tim Brown