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Issue 358


Why We Crave Software With Style Over Brand
Evaluating software by its style — and how it makes us feel — signifies a shift to recognizing tech as a part of our society and identity, as opposed to an inanimate tool without an opinion.

5 Design Lessons from Japan’s Konbini
From the graphic design, to the way-finding and content, the konbini holds a series of design lessons.

Storyboarding: Storytelling visualised in UX
If you are designing the user experience for any digital or physical product, storyboarding can be one of the best ways to plan your project.

How design debt can hurt your product
Design debt is a symptom of a bigger and much deeper issue, rooted in the way we design and build products.

Building a brand identity for the world’s largest community
Explore the Facebook app’s new brand design system and strategy’s role in bringing it to life.

Tools and Resources

Open source 3D icon library with over 1440+ icons.
Placeholder Images but useful.

UX Portfolio

Rachel Lee
Rachel is a product designer & illustrator at CMU, previously with Amazon and Visa.

Last But Not Least

The Future of Expertise in Design
Reimagining how to show up as an expert in the design process.

“You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people; design is made for people.”
— Dieter Rams