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Issue 357


Designing Accordions: Best practices
Accordion samples, templates, and UX cases for a smooth experience.

How to Write a Mission Statement for a UX Team: A Case Study in Design Operations
Create a team mission statement collaboratively by identifying themes in stories of value about your team.

Designing something new with the Atlassian Design System
To see what the experience was like using their own design system, the team at Atlassian created a design activity to build empathy for designers using their system.

Design detail: crafting better shadows for interaction
Shadow doesn’t get as much love as other design elements but it is vital in communicating interaction.

Manager by day, Designer by night
How the product design discipline has evolved and how managing design is more of a coaching and mentoring exercise.

Tools and Resources

Design with Focus
Design together with your all-in-one UX hub within Adobe XD.

Researchers: how to automatically pull reviews from AppStore and Google Play
Automating the process of working with store reviews that increase the speed of the process by 34%.

UX Portfolio

Ryan Stephen
Ryan is a designer at the University of Washington who interned at Microsoft.

Last But Not Least

A History of Design Systems on the Web
Web 2.0 changed the way designers and developers approached their practice through patterns.

“Genius is only a greater aptitude for patience.”
— Georges-Louis Leclerc