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Issue 356


From the Weeds to the Board Room
How Design Leaders shift from managing down to up and outp.

4 Lessons from Leading a Vision Project for Indeed Hiring Platform
Designing a long-term strategy for how employers and job seekers could conduct virtual interviews.

Accounting for User Research in Agile
Research efforts need to be represented in an Agile backlog to enable teams to focus on continuously learning about users throughout the project.

Sketching as a strategy
Designers have a great superpower of being able to visualize strategy, and it is underused.

The Ultimate Guide to UX Prototyping
What tools To use, how to get started and what not to do.


Become a more influential UX designer
Even the best designers are bottlenecked by one skill: storytelling. If you can’t convince stakeholders, you lose. So, we’ve put the best story tactics together to help you skyrocket your UX career.

Tools and Resources

A list of games for bored (and curious) designers
Websites offering games and fun experiences for designers

A SVG blob/shape generator that puts you in the driver’s seat.

The next Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, open-source.

Stark for Mac (Private Beta)
The new Stark Mac app streamlines accessibility compliance, saving your team time, money, and effort through end-to-end collaboration.

Morflax things
Generate 3D device mockups in a quick & engaging way.

Access Guide
A friendly introduction to accessibility.

UX Portfolio

Pieter Overgoor
Pieter is a Senior Product Designer at Novoresume.

Last But Not Least

The Designer’s Gaze
Designers need to start being conscious of the power dynamic between them and the ‘designed for’ and change the way they look at the world.

“Every great design begins with an even better story.”
— Lorinda Mamo

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Storyteller tactics