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Issue 355


Designing Empty States in Complex Applications: 3 Guidelines
Guidance for designing empty-state dialogues for content-less containers.

How to transition from an Individual Contributor to a Design Manager
Application process, onboarding, and reflection.

Quicker UX Research Synthesis
Cut down on the time it takes to synthesize without limiting research outcomes.

Design systems: The BNARL model
Strategy framework to shape a healthy culture around design systems.

Approaching the product design process through an engineering lens
Designers and engineers have more shared values than you may realize.

Tools and Resources

Short copy text for your website.

All Hands Mockup Generator (Figma)
Free device mockups featuring hands of all shades, shapes, and sizes

UX Research Presentations and Reports: Templates and Examples
Effectively communicate your user research findings, and get inspired with this list of free templates and examples.

UX Portfolio

Jonah Heath
Jonah is a Product Designer at The Action Network.

Last But Not Least

How the first version of Mailchimp was designed
Principles for designing the first version of Mailchimp in 2001.

“You don’t think your way to creative work. You work your way to creative thinking.”
— George Nelson