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Issue 353


Make things that people want (instead of what you want them to want)
When a product team is certain that they’ve followed the process to the letter, it is often discovered that there was a critical misunderstanding of what the user actually wanted

Designing the Avatar: All you need to know
Explore the states, styles, sizes, usage, and templates in our journey of designing the Avatars.

Designing for Long Waits and Interruptions
5 guidelines help users tolerate the long waits and frequent interruptions that are typical of complex workflows.

Design system: LEGO kits syndrome
Balancing consistency and contribution should be the primary concern of design systems.

Typography for Data
We all like to say that “less is more,” but when is less not more?

When Customer Journeys Don’t Work: Arcs, Loops, & Terrain
A different way to look at the work we do as designers.

Tools and Resources

Reimagine hybrid collaboration
A guide by InVision to changes, challenges, and considerations, to leverage our experience and reimagine team collaboration.

System UIcons
A growing collection of simple and consistent icons specifically designed for systems and products.

3D Transformer
Turn your frame into a beautiful 3D mockup online & in Figma.

UX Portfolio

DY Lee
DY is a product design intern at Braze. Read about his journey from sales to design.

Last But Not Least

Logo reesigns
Putting your graphic design degree to use (parody).

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”
— Paul Rand