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Issue 351


Designing Team Rituals
Find the right rhythms for your team with these 6 learnings from Lattice Design.

How to build a design system if you’re the only designer in a startup
Tips to build a design system as the only designer at a company.

Fast and Cheap Ways to Find UX Research Participants
Proven methods for finding research participants when you’re low on time or low on budget.

How the biggest companies broke design trends to succeed
There’s no substitute for ignoring the existing trends and shaping your path forward based on what you feel is the best thing for your users.

The UX job interview: more conversation, less recitation
4 simple tips on how to connect with your audience.

Tools and Resources

Design Thinking: Study Guide
A collection of links to our articles and videos to learn about design thinking.

An all-in-one product research platform.

Free online image editor to create quick designs with AI tools.

Open source design system for your next travel project.

UX Portfolio

Barbara Schussmann
Barbara is a Sweden-based UX designer pursuing a master’s degree at UMEA Institute of Design.

Last But Not Least

Why are hyperlinks blue?
Exploring how links were handled before color monitors and how interfaces and hyperlinks rapidly evolved once color became an option.

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist.”
— Buckminster Fuller