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Issue 350


Unmotivated at work? Blame your software
The enterprise software we use at work is slowing us down.

20 ideas for better data visualization
Confusing and misleading graphics are all around us, but we can change this by following these simple rules.

How Figma Became Design’s Hottest Startup, Valued At $10 Billion
As Google Docs did for word processing and GitHub for code, so Figma is doing for design.

Two perspectives on the designer who Steve Jobs could not hire
Richard Sapper isn’t a household name but his impact on the world earns him a place in the pantheon of design.

Designing winning outcomes with Mia Blume
Believing in the power of design and what can happen when we get designers in executive roles.

In design, small things can make a big difference
The small design decisions, that may not be picked up by non-designers at a conscious level, are the ones that have the greatest subconscious impact.

Tools and Resources

Automagically converts vector images into sketchy style.

Spatial thinking for new ideas and hard problems.

Creative Editor SDK
A fully customizable design editor.

UX Portfolio

Buzz Usborne
Buzz is a Principle Designer at Help Scout.

Last But Not Least

Good is Not Great
When you’re done with good, aim for great.

“The function of design is letting design function.”
— Micha Commeren